Online gambling in the UK has skyrocketed over the past few years especially with the increase in the choices of casino a gambler can play in. With VPN access, many UK residents are playing in casinos not regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). These casinos differ in variety and size with some specifically focusing on slots while others offer a more varied range of games.

But the fact remains; there is always the underlying threat of player compromise when it comes to gambling. Even though there are organizations and protocols put in place to prevent such happenings, they eventually do.

New online casinos spring up a dime a dozen every day and not all of them have the financial might or commitment to register a license with the UKGC. And with them being out of jurisdiction, many UK residents are out at risk when transactions go awry.

There is also the likelihood of children and the vulnerable to be put at risk because such casinos have no scruples whatsover. Other risks include unfair payouts and lack of transparency to solving issues. Gambling can be quite the cocaine which means measures are not put in place to prevent or control addiction. For UK residents in particular, and the world in general, these are some of the risks of online gambling:

  • Hackers can gain control of your account through:

Phishing emails which may deceive you into disclosing your financial details and passwords to scam websites.

Casino reporter

Sending sensitive information about you to your family, loved ones, and friends.

  • Your identity could be stolen through viruses and Spyware, allowing criminals to gain control of your personal details including your financial information.

  • Being tricked into registering an account on the basis of empty promises of large bonuses.

  • Make you become addicted

  • A few credit card institutions place betting transactions as cash money which allows them to collate a fixed charge from your account.

  • Installing cheats which claim to give you an edge but which has hidden viruses and Spyware.

Luckily for us all, the UKGC has outlined steps by which we can all stay safe online. These steps are updated every time to ensure people stay on top of their game when it comes to online gambling. Some of the steps to take include:

  • Making sure the gambling sites you visit have a good reputation in the online community. One of the most assured way to know about the reputation of an online casino is to make sure you see the trusted markings on its page.

  • Patronizing only casinos which cater to a UK only clientele base.

  • Making absolutely certain that you know the implications and consequences of a casino's Terms and Conditions before registering or placing a deposit.

  • Making sure you use usernames or profiles which have a distant or no connection to your private account or financial details.

  • Use very strong password combinations which include numerical and symbols.

  • Always make sure whenever you finish playing, you log out of all the casino accounts you have. It has been studied that just clearing or closing your browser history, does not aid significantly in reducing theft and hacking.

  • Always ensure whatever site you decide to utilize, has a padlock sign on its address. This is an indicator the site is safe and secure with the latest encryption technology to keep you faraway from hackers. The best website for uk casino bonuses always has this.

  • Read the fine print in casino terms and conditions so that you are not taken unawares when things begin to get out of hand.

  • Whenever you feel you are unable to quit gambling, close down your account and seek for professional assistance.

Should you feel you cannot control how you gamble on top canadian live roulette sites, or you need to understand the effects addiction to gambling may cause to you, your family, and loved ones, you can contact the nearest center who will run an evaluation on you with a private, and confidential report presented to you after the exam. Always remember, you can find help. You do not need to be alone when fighting addiction to online gambling.